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Jamie Leigh Jones, woman who was gang raped in Iraq by her KBR colleagues and subsequently locked in a container by her superiors after she reported the incident, finally will get her day in court (no more arbitration) - March 25, 2010

United State Supreme Court Backs Workers Claiming Bias in Employment by Providing for Claim of Retaliation - May 27, 2008

United States Supreme Court to Again Revisit Limits on Punitive Damages - June 8, 2006

California High Court Rules Offensive Language is Not Sexual Harassment in the Workplace - April 21, 2006

San Diego Appeals Court Limits Damages in Women's Rights Case - [pdf] -March 1, 2006

Blonde jokes? Not this season - December 3, 2005

Mail Boxes Etc. Franchisees Win Appeal Against UPS Based on One-Sided Arb Agreement - October 17, 2005

9th Circuit to Review Scope of Judicial Review of Mandatory Arbitration Agreements - October 17, 2005

Ninth Circuit Shifts Standard for Showing Sexual Harassment in Titile VII Cases - September 6, 2005

Congressman Adam Schiff passes amendment in the House Judiciary Committee that provides incentives to states that require lifetime electronic monitoring (GPS) of sex offenders - August 19, 2005

Sexual harassment and bias complaints rising among teens - August 14, 2005

Study Shows Eliminating Sexual Harassment Not Only Makes Good Moral and Legal Sense, But Good Business Sense Too - August 11, 2005

EEOC Sues Lockheed In Connection with Harassment of Black Worker - August 9, 2005

Judge tosses jury award of $6.85 million for teenagers in sex harassment case - July 17, 2005

Wal-Mart Didn't Act on Internal Sex-Bias Alert, Documents Show - July 16, 2005

Survey: Racial, sexual slurs in the workplace continue - July 7, 2005

California Supreme Court Overturns Rulings Limiting Punitive Damages -- Results in Reinterpretation of Damage Awards in Two Landmark Cases - June 20, 2005

Connecticut Supreme Court Affirms Confirmation of Punitive Damages Awarded by Arbitration Panel; Vertrue Seeks U.S. Supreme Court Review - May 13, 2005

EEOC Moves to Protect Teens from Sexual Harassment - April 27, 2005

San Diego Jury Awards $6.85 Million to Teenage Girls in a Sexual Harassment Case - April 21, 2005

Groups Launch Nationwide Effort to Stop Binding Mandatory Arbitration Clauses - February 24, 2005

Ex-secretary claims sexual harassment by judge - February 24, 2005

ABC News Uncovers the Ugly Truth About Mandatory Arbitration - February 22, 2005

Judge Orders Reinstatement for First Sarbanes-Oxley Whistleblower - February 23, 2005

Wal-Mart Settlement Criticized Over Child Labor Allegations - February 16, 2005

Discrimination Victims' Hopes Dashed With Supreme Court Decision on Taxes - January 27, 2005

New Sexual Harassment Law Changes Rules for Employers - January 22, 2005

Applebee's charged with sexual harassment by 5 female employees - September 10, 2004

California to Erase Deficit by Taking 75% of Punitive Damages Jury Awards, Recovering Schwarzenegger's Estimated Totals of $450 Million Per Year - August 7, 2004

U.S. Supreme Court Rules on Sexual Harassment Constructive Discharge Liability - June 16, 2004

Female Orange County Fire Dept. Employee Finds Web Cam Under Her Desk - May 22, 2004

Justice Department announces its largest landlord-tenant harassment verdict - May13, 2004

Are "Friends" Writers "Required" To Engage in Sexual Banter, Even If the Effect Is Harassing? - A Ruling in a California Court Allows the Argument to Be Made - May 4, 2004

Police Find Videos of Hooters Applicants Undressing - March 28, 2004

Study shows link between drinking and gender harassment in workplace - March 24, 2004

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